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All access products sold by comply with the current legal requirements in relation to that Ladder Type or Access Product Class. In Ireland however under some categories of access products there are no local legal requirements in those cases we will use the nearest country which has a ‘legal’ definition and ‘standard’ for that product type. Before we discuss the Types of products that we stock, let’s deal with your legal requirements when using Podiums, Ladders or Towers.

LADDER CERTIFICATION – Ladder Tagging and Ladder Inspections. These areas are causing our commercial customers some confusion. Give us a call if you need any of these items explained. For commercial customers in Ireland there is a legal requirement to comply with the following 4 areas.

• Any Height access equipment you use MUST be certified.

• Any Height access equipment you use MUST have an inspection Tag.

• Any Height access equipment you use MUST be inspected at regular intervals.

• Your site office MUST keep a file with the details of the ladder inspections completed.


In Dublin have been running a Ladder Repair Workshop at our premises in Lucan Village, Dublin since 2006 and the years this workshop has become very busy. As a result, we will only repair products which were purchased from We keep all the spare parts in stock for the products that we sell. If you want to know more about our repair service and how it works emails us on . This repair service is provided Free, but only to our customers.


Low level stable work platforms which are height adjustable. These portable podiums or platforms Ladders are available in a wide range of models in both Aluminium and Fibreglass and we supply 22 different models of work platforms and podiums. In both fixed platform heights and height adjustable units.


Articulated, folding, retracting combination ladder, consequently, this step ladder truly is a Little Giant in the world of ladders. Acts as an ‘aluminium extension ladder’, as an ‘a frame ladder’ or even as a ‘stairwell ladder’. Little Giant Ladders are the only ladder system you will ever need. We also stock a Fibreglass Little Giant ladder range.


The original multi-purpose ladder range and it operates in the same way as the Little Giant range.


Lightweight Aluminium towers are used extensively in the construction industry. A portable scaffold tower offers a level of safety when other access equipment is not suitable. Our Industrial scaffold towers are available in various Widths, lengths, and heights. We stock a huge selection of Towers, Tower components and spare parts, for instance.


Fixed ladders that are made up of sections which can be extended to change the height of the ladder. Available in single, double or three sections of various lengths and qualities. These extendable ladder types are available in both Fibreglass and aluminium.


A range of 3 section extension ladders which are hinged at the top to allow the ladder to be free-standing. Used mainly for maintenance in Hotels, Churches, or gymnasiums. Anywhere with a very high ceiling where the user needs free-standing access up to 6m. A.V. companies, Alarm Installers and maintenance people tend to use this type of ladder.


-Available in various sizes, fitted with a roof hook and wheels. Available as a single or double ladder to suit any roof length.


An aluminium ladder which are adjustable in height in one rung increment and are easy to use and very portable. They will fit in the boot of a saloon car; a telescopic ladder is ideal for use as an inspection ladder or as a surveyor’s ladder. Telescopic ladders can also be used for attic or loft access.


This range of small step ladders is available as a 2 step, 3 step, 4 step and 5 step. Ideal for retail outlets or offices, this folding step ladder is one of the best safety steps in the marketplace.


Mobile Stairs for access to mezzanine floors or for use in warehouse applications. If you need a rolling ladder then this product will answer you needs. Flexible top platform configuration to allow exit ‘to rear’ or ‘to side’.


Also known as Platform Ladders or rolling ladders they have a large stable platform at the top from which to work while standing. Normally these ladders are fitted with wheels to allow them to be moved easily and the top platform has some form of guardrail. These steps are also available as folding steps.


Everything from new rubber feet to ladder racks for storage. Ladder Locks, Ladder Stabilisers, Little Giant Work Platforms, Roof Hook Kits, Roof Rack Clamps, and ladder stand-offs.

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