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Products > Profissional Adjustable Ladder - PAL

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Folding Ladders
PAL Folding Ladders


These folding ladders have a clever 6 hinge articulated system which allows the ladder to be folded into five different configurations. This gives you a combination ladder that can be a ‘straight ladder’, an ‘A-frame ladder’ a ‘workbench’ and a ‘ladder with a standoff’. This folding ladder will fit in the boot of an average sized car and is available in 2 sizes. There is an optional aluminium scaffold board which is available in 2 sizes.

WARNING: These folding ladders have been copied by several other manufacturers unfortunately the copies all suffer from the same problem – the hinges don’t last. Only buy an original PAL with the black hinges and avoid the many cheap imitations.


Duty Rating : 150(kg) / 330(lb)
Closed Height : available in 1.1(m) or 1.3(m)
Length : in 3.7(m) or 4.80(m)
Locking Mechanism: 6 hinges
Material: Aluminium
Open Height : in 1.75(m) or 2.30(m)
Rungs/Treads: available in 4x3(12) or 4x4(16)
Standard: EN 131
Tread Type: Square
Usage Type: Commercial
Warranty: 1 year
Weight : in 12.5(kg) or 19(kg)



PAL Scaffold Board


Use the scaffold board and turn your PAL into a workbench or trestle. The Scaffold Board is available in 2(two) sizes.


Scaffold Board for 12 or 16 rung
Material: Aluminium
Usage Type: Commercial




PAL Info & Photos
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